SPATAP Portable Tap – All Prices in USD @ $20 each

Handwashng Prevents COVID-19

Portable Tap

The best portable handwashing device in the world

SPATAP Portable Tap

SPATAP is an ultralight, professional, silicone fitting that attaches to bottles or containers, transforming them into a flow controllable water saving portable tap or power shower depending on the bottle used. (Stretches over most sizes)

SPATAP has 2 distinct modes determined by the type of bottle attached:

1.🚰Flow controllable tap
2.🚿Power Shower

SPATAP dispenses water in 3 different flows rates:

🚰 Minimal water: 10mls +/- (1 touch)
🚰🚿Free flow water: 1.5Lts dispenses over 15 mins +/- (no touch)
🚰🚿Water burst 50ml+/- (1 touch)

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Bottles are made from different plastics and other materials and they will produce different results from the SPATAP.
Use different bottles for Tap mode and Power Shower mode.
Bottle selection will depend on water usage and intended use.

☝️As A Rule

🚰Tap Mode use a hard or firm bottle for a tap (flow controllable with bung and squeeze modes) 1.5L or smaller