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Beach Water Saving Shower2017-09-22T23:03:23+00:00

SpaTap water saving technology is mainly for outdoor use, for example, at the beach, a solar shower is ideal to wash the salt away and clean equipment, like surfboards or wetsuits. SpaTap water saving device takes up no space and is quick and easy to use. SpaTap’s water saving shower head is used to dispense minimal hot water that has been heated by solar rays, thus providing energy efficiency. SpaTap shower design is based around a water saving tap and made to be intuitive and ergonomic. In fact, children love to wash their hands with the SpaTap and this is a good time to present water saving tips for kids. The SpaTap water saving products give the best tap for camping there is because water is always necessary on camping trips and can be carried into remote locations.

Children say the SpaTap is much easier to us than the solar shower bag and they also give water saving tips because the SpaTap solar shower does not require a powered camp and makes the most spray and wash out of the most minimal amount of water. The SpaTap water saving solar shower and tap is the cheapest way to generate hot water, simply place it in the sun with a bottle of hot water. 

SpaTap is made from UV Stable water and food grade silicone which is a heavy duty and long lasting that is safe to drink from. Use the free energy of the sun and luxuriate under a hot water saving shower for 17 minutes with just 2 litres of water at even the most remote locations. Simply fill any bottle with water and in under an hour, you will have eco-friendly, water-saving, solar hot shower or just wash your hands with hot water after a toilet visit. Water saving toilets are essential when is remote places and water is scarce. Hygiene and sanitation are paramount and SpaTap will attach to any bottle to make a portable camp tap or if necessary a become a useful tool in, emergencies or first aid.