SPATAP Portable Tap is perfect for washing needs at the beach.
Use it as:
A solar shower to wash the salt away and clean equipment
Its pocket size and lightweight means it is quick and easy to use.
SPATAP can dispense hot water that has been heated by solar rays.

Children say the SPATAP Portable Tap is much easier to use than the solar shower bag.
The SPATAP solar shower does not require a powered camp and maximizes water flow from the most minimal amount of water.
The SPATAP Portable Tap can also be used as a solar shower.
Simply heat a bottle of water up in the Sun and attach SPATAP

SPATAP is made from UV Stable water and food-grade silicone
SPATAP is heavy-duty and long-lasting
SPATAP is safe to drink from.
Water-saving is essential in remote places where water is scarce. Hygiene and sanitation are paramount and SPATAP will attach to any bottle to make a Portable Tap in emergencies or for First Aid.