SpaTap – Camping Shower & Camp Tap
The No. #1 Camping Product of 2016
Uses & Benefits

Camping in the great outdoors can sometimes make you a little grubby,
and yet to stay healthy and enjoy the camping experience it is essential to maintain personal hygiene and keep all cooking utensils clean and well ordered. These basic necessities are what makes a camping trip that more comfortable and even luxurious. Having a hot shower is the icing on the cake, especially if there has been a cold night. Alongside these basics, every camper knows that the greatest gift when waking up in the early morning is to put the kettle on, clean the teeth and freshen up to relax into a day of relaxing in the countryside.
My personal order of getting things done is: Wake up, brush teeth, make coffee and wash.

Now the great thing about making my hot water in the morning with a gas stove or fire is that it gives me my hot water for a wash, but sometimes I want to have a shower. So after I have made myself a coffee, I usually take an instant coffee with me, I am left with surplus boiled hot water in my kettle. How you may wonder with only 600ml of hot water is it possible to have a shower. Well, of course, you certainly wouldn’t want to shower with just boiled water as you would get burnt! Not a great start to the day, but if you dilute that water with some cold water, say another 400 ml of water, then you have a nice hot temperature to shower with. (I like a hot shower)

“But that’s impossible,” I hear you shout, you can’t shower with 1 litre of water.

Here lies the rub! We have been so conditioned for so long to actually turn on the tap at home and have massive drenching showers with many litres of water that we forget how little water is needed to make us totally wet. Let me explain, the average shower use the Australia is, “62 litres of hot water and some power showers can use up to 136 litres” Obviously, it’s impossible to carry that much water whilst going on a camping trip, and for those of us, that like to go to more remote places where we have to carry all of our water in, the conservation of limited supplies of water and rationed use is of paramount importance.

But you can have your cake and eat it.

The Hand Washer

During the day, I just leave the SpaTap in situ and whenever I need to wash my hands, some plates or food, I just give it a squeeze or open the bung and let t