Please watch the videos on SPATAP installation for the best results in Tap and Power Shower modes. Just like any gadget, SPATAP has its own tips and tricks. We know you will realise the full potential of this amazing multi-award-winning device and it will serve your washing needs for many years.

🚰Video Installation of SPATAP (Tap Mode Hard Plastic Bottle)

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Different bottles are made from different materials and will produce different results from the SPATAP.

Select a bottle suitable for your purpose.

The bottle or container you use will depend on your requirements for washing or water usage and intended flow use.


🚰Use a hard bottle for a Tap.
(This is flow controllable with bung and squeeze modes)

🚿Use a soft bottle for a Power Shower.
The soft bottle will implode and force the water out under high pressure (softer the bottle, higher the pressure)

🚿Video Installation of SPATAP Power Shower (Soft Plastic Bottles)

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The selection of the correct bottle or container is important for the best results.

Experiment and try many different bottles, containers, cans, jam jars, shampoo bottles, military canteens, soft plastic bottles of varying sizes e.g 600ml, 1L, 1.5L, 15L etc

The SPATAP can stretch and has been fitted onto 42mm bottle lips.

For example:
– Harder plastic, metal or glass are good bottles to use for tap mode, softer plastic bottles are good for the eco shower, some bottles are good for both.
– Soft plastic bottles will implode and force the water out faster and quicker, these are great when water is abundant and a power shower is required, use 2litre soft drinks bottles for this effect.
– Hard plastic Military canteens, 1-liter soft drink bottles, and metal bottles are good if you require the tap for hand washing and water is scarce
– A 15-liter blue bottle is perfect for washing the hands of 300 children at a rural school
– a 600ml bottle is good for washing the dog’s paws before it gets in the car