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The SpaTap camp shower in Emergencies and Disaster Zones

Use a SpaTap anywhere you need an instant tap or shower just take SpaTap and any plastic bottle full of water.

• SpaTap can be safely used and easily carried by adults and children.
• SpaTap is rugged, durable and strong and can go anywhere.
• SpaTap’s unique design means it can be hung from anywhere or handheld to provide washing in the most awkward of places.
• By simply leaving a water bottle in the sun you can have a warm wash anytime.
• SpaTap can be used anywhere!
• SpaTap is virtually unbreakable
• SpaTap can be carried in your pocket
• SpaTap is a cost effective portable tap
• SpaTap can be carried and operated by children whilst full of water
• SpaTap includes a soap caddy for cleaning agent
• SpaTap can satisfy an ease of operation protocol required when engaged in a disaster or emergency situation or installed at village level
• SpaTap uses an unlimited resource of plastic bottles
• SpaTap is robust, minimises contamination and maintain the integrity of the primary container.


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