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Nepal Quake Relief 2017-09-22T23:03:23+00:00
Nepal quake relief spatap emergency tap

SpaTap is proud to announce;


it’s partnership with Nepal Quake Relief in a humanitarian effort to bring hygiene and sanitation to those desperately in need in the post-Nepal quake rebuild.

SpaTap has proved its efficacy as a hygiene device in the developing world by winning first prize in Standard Banks Water 4 Africa competition whilst also being deployed by Save The Children in Vanuatu after the recent cyclone.

SpaTap Emergency Tap
spatap emergency tap deployed vanuatu nepal
Emergency tap instant hygiene tool

SpaTap = A Tap for life = Prevents Cross Contamination = Prevents Disease

SpaTap Emergency Tap is a new award winning product that is unique in the marketplace.
SpaTap is a high performance, outdoor, water saving and dispensing, tap or shower.
SpaTap attaches to and suspends any used or new, plastic or glass bottles of varying sizes. transforming the bottle instantly into a soap caddy and handwashing device.

Support Nepal Quake Relief now and donate a SpaTap emergency tap the Nepal quake relief mission.
100% of Every SpaTap donated will go directly to the people on ground effected by the nepal quake and that have no access to sanitation. You can donate 1 SpaTap or 50 SpaTaps with the confidence of knowing they will be delivered to the people directly i need.

The SpaTap company had donated $500 of SpaTaps already to the cause

If you would like to donate more than 50 taps please contact us

SpaTap emergency tap for nepal quake relief

SpaTap Emergency Tap Video

SpaTap Winner Water4Africa

Your Donation Buys:


• An Emergency SpaTap Tap handwashing device
• A High Quality Hanging Strap, Including cord, Velcro and Cord Lock Toggle
• Shipping to Nepal
• A tap and hygiene tool for life
• Training and Education
• Infinite handwashes
• Water Conservation , Maximum Washes from minimal water
• First Aid Cleaning wounds, eye wash, hydration, wash away broken glass and debris

You Donation Is:


• Attached to a bottle, the bottle acts as a reservoir for the water to be dispensed as a flow controllable tap or shower.
• Built to withstand the harshest conditions, can be taken anywhere and useful in a number of outdoor scenarios creating a mobile or static hygiene station.
• Used for handwashing, showering, tooth brushing, child care, personal hygiene or first aid.
• low cost, eco-friendly, child Friendly, safe, clean and affordable.
• A gift of hygiene for life. ( lifetime guarantee with all SpaTaps)
• Australian Designed & Made using Australian Companies

In the mid nineteenth century, Doctor Semmelweis discovered a new paradigm in medicine:


that hand washing saves lives.

Nonetheless, millions of lives today are still being lost; through a tragic lack of basic sanitation and hygiene.

Communicable but preventable diseases worldwide (including at childbirth) remain at epidemic proportions, despite the valiant endeavours of every NGO worldwide.

Environmentally, the scourge of discarded plastic bottles causes unspeakable harm and death to marine species and Earth’s delicately balanced ecologies.

Chemical degradation via hundreds of millions of discarded plastic bottles in landfill and sea environments continues unabated.

From these appalling scenarios, the SpaTap now heralds the promise of delivering health, hygiene and harmony on both a personal and planetary level.

Furthermore, the SpaTap also mitigates the (current) irrational carbon wastage of every plastic bottle produced, by efficiently “up-cycling” same, alleviating dangerous waste,
and contributing towards the restoration of planet’s sustainability.

Now for the first time, the SpaTap immediately and effectively, with its proven and simple technology, provides both a fully mobile and / or fixed place for hand washing, showering, the provision of greater sanitation, and the inevitable reduction in worldwide pollution.

Cleansing the world; one bottle, one life, one SpaTap at a time.

nepal quake relief spatap emergency tap