Recommened 2.2L Water Bottle (Grey)

Award Winning Water Dispenser

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Recommended Water Bottle AUD $25
‘Spatap’ recommends the INC BPA free bottle to instantly transform the Spatap into a water-saving portable tap or shower system for use “on the go”. Perfect for handwashing and storing a soap bar to maintain regular hand hygiene and a healthy lifestyle. This is a good size for a weekend camping trip or picnic with the family. Great for keeping children’s and parents hands properly clean with good old fashion soap and water.
Can be hand held for dispensing water anywhere, great for handwashing.

11 in stock

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Simply stretch the Spatap open and force fit it tightly over the bottle lip to make an airtight vacuum and a portable water saving tap. The INC bottle lid fastens away behind one of  the hang strap cords to keep it out of the way of the water flow. This is a great portable handwashing station once its set up and can easily serve a family’s handwashing needs on a camping trip.

Benefits Include:

✅  Minimal Squeeze mode 10mls +/- dispenses approx. 220 hand washes
✅  Free Flow Mode 2.2L dispense over  approx. 10 minutes
✅  Big Wash Jet 20mls +/- dispenses approx. 110 jets
✅  Stain resistant
✅  Superior durability
✅  Odour resistant
✅  BPA free
✅  Dishwasher safe

Also, you get the added benefits of being able to drink and stay hydrated and meet your daily amount of water intake with the knowledge of having your own bottle free from any contamination.

Its large 2.2L size allows you to refrigerate and transport water without worrying about refills or leave in the Sun and heat up ready for a hot solar shower or hand wash.

Simply store a bar of soap on the base of the inverted bottle for a convenient soap caddy that is within easy one-handed access.

This is an ideal reusable water bottle for the Spatap, and perfect for camping, hiking, sports, picnics, barbeques the beach or any outdoor activity.

This bottle has a convenient handle to carry around and a sturdy and durable stainless-steel cap that’s latched on firmly to the bottle. The Spatap can bung and valve can be secured around the bottle strap.

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