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Hi-Vis Orange

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Hi-Visibilty Orange,

Called Hi-Visibility Orange because of the eye-catching Orange colour.
Originally made for the UK scouts for trekking on remote mountains in case of emergency it would be useful to attract attention.
Hi-Visibility orange is now a favourite of hikers and backpackers as it is easily stored and a very powerful hygiene device. Weighing only 81 grams, easily fits in your pocket, rucksack or handbag. The high-grade silicone is UV stable, water & food grade.
The SpaTap has withstood over 50 4WD vehicles trying to crush it in the Queensland bush
The hang strap is strong and is made for Velcro adjustable hook & Loop, high-grade 2mm cord and a robust cord lock toggle.
Hang SpaTap anywhere.

Water Saving
Lifetime Guarantee
Dispense Water in 3 ways
Super Cool
Aussie Designed & Made
Multi Award Winning

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