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SpaTap Blue, Hot Red, Emergency orange, Eco Green, Uber Black

colors of the SpaTap camp tap bottle shower

SpaTap Promo Video, Please press Play Sit Back And Relax

Hang Sell Front

spatap camp shower hang sell packaging

Hang Sell Rear

SpaTap camp shower hang sell packaging

Bag Of 10 Mixed spaTaps

Mobile hanging Display For Retailers

Display Kit For Retailers


• Video Show Reel (web)
• Video of Mobile (web)
• SpaTap Hang Mobile (sent)
• SpaTap Bottle with Soap Display (sent)
• Stickers (sent)
• Poster (Downloads) (sent)
• FAQ’s / Objection response (Downloads) (sent)
• Flyers (Downloads) (sent)

Although the SpaTap requires no assembly whatsoever, we provide two types of hook (adhesive and self-tapping) plus fishing line (if required), which will simply act as a secure fastener to allow every retailer’s shops ceiling SpaTap to hang from their preferred location.

Hang Sell Mobile Display


Hanging Mobile

SpaTap camp shower Counter Display Box

11 Important features for sales staff to know about SpaTap

1) SpaTap is a water saving tap that fits over any bottle
2) SpaTap dispenses water 3 ways, Tap, shower, Pump
3) Simply place soap on top of bottle to create instant hand wash station
4) Fits in your pocket
5) 1st place winner of water4africa awards 2015 $10,000 USD prize money
6) Lifetime Guarantee
7) Made from UV stable, Food & water grade silicone
8) Unbreakable
9) Weighs only 70grams
10) Sold all around the world
11) Leave in Sun for Solar hot wash

Download 11 points and Objection Pdf


Q) “The water flow isn’t strong enough in the shower mode for hair washing and showering”


A)”Have you tried showering under it? I have! We don’t boast it’s a high pressure water shower, it’s very difficult to fit a high pressure shower in your pocket.
A) It’s NOT a power shower – It’s a tap primarily!
A) The Shower is a mode – one of 3 modes
A) It’s a water saving device NOT a high power shower
A) SpaTap is designed for maximum water efficiency, maximum Spray using minimal water, delivered via internal fluid dynamic technology.

E.g 1.25 litre of water = 13 minute wash in shower mode

Camp Tap Poster 1

spatap camp tap camp shower solar shower poster
Download Poster 1

Camping Poster 2

spatap camp tap camp shower solar shower poster
Download poster 2

Defence Poster 3

spatap camp tap camp shower solar shower poster
Download poster 3

SpaTap Poster 4

spatap camp tap camp shower solar shower poster
Download Poster 4

Festival Poster 5

spatap camp tap camp shower solar shower poster
Download poster 5

Hiking Poster 6

spatap camp tap camp shower solar shower poster
Download poster 6

SpaTap – The world first, stunning, award winning, “Go Anywhere” “Fit Any Bottle”, eco-friendly, water saving, pocket sized, shower and tap !

Awarded first prize for its innovative brilliance and design excellence at the prestigious 2015 Water4Africa Awards, this one of a kind Australian invention is now set to capture the imagination of people worldwide and rapidly become a household name. There is literally no person on earth that would not benefit from owning a SpaTap!

This dynamic and durable device, with a lifetime guarantee, delivers benefits throughout the entire outdoor and recreational sector: Camping, fishing, trekking, cycling, 4WDing, barbequing…the list is endless – anywhere you need an outdoor tap, you need a SpaTap !

SpaTap award winning hand washing device

Your customers will instantly fall in love with the SpaTap, a truly amazing new paradigm in water delivery, hygiene, lifestyle, recreation and family fun!

SpaTap outdoor Eco Tap and outdoor shower system
Eco Tap and camp Shower system

What makes it unique?

• SpaTap’s patented design has 4 different ways of delivering water depending on the requirements. e.g use it as a shower, a tap, a pump or a directional jet. (Click for Specifications)
• SpaTap’s force fit sealing mechanism can fit many bottles of different girths.
• SpaTap can turn a 1.5litre bottle of water into a 13 minute shower or a 15litre (office water cooler bottle) into a 2 hour and 36 minute shower.
• SpaTap can be left anywhere in situ without concern, be it a camp site, on a boat, behind a shed, in the fishing tackle box etc…
• SpaTap is made from premium quality food/water grade silicone; it’s safe, UV stable and will last a lifetime.
• No matter what the activity or where people are, they will always require water. SpaTap conveniently attaches to any bottle to provide a flow controlled washing and showering station wherever it is needed.
• SpaTap utilises the base of the inverted bottle as a soap caddy and / or toothbrush/toothpaste holder.

SpaTap Solves A Multitude Of Problems!

• Camping and BBQ – conserving water, multiple washing stations, convenient handwashing, cleaning dishes, washing food, tooth brushing, washing down pets and equipment.
• Fishing – cleaning fish, cleaning equipment, handwashing, hygiene.
• Boating – Hang anywhere, wash salt away, hydration, cool down.
• Sports – Hang around pitch, hydration, heat stress, hygiene, clean cuts, bruises.
• First Aid – Cleaning wounds, eye wash, hydration, wash away broken glass and debris.
• Children – Water efficient pistols, asking children to wash their hands (they want to do it) Asking children to clean their teeth (they want to do it) Every parent’s dream come true!

Media and Marketing:
Please contact us to discuss all your sales, marketing, and specific media (print, social or digital) requirements.

SpaTap is fully patented, copyrighted and trademarked.

Standard Bank Best Late Stage (Scale) Solution $10,000: (470 Worldwide Entrants SpaTap 1st prize)

Media Exposure
Please click this link to view our media exposure page

Comments of jury Water4Africa 2015

“The SpaTap is an excellent low cost idea that can be taken up by multiple communities: schools, aid workers, recreational facilities, development projects, outdoor enthusiasts such as hikers, campers, etc. For mothers in areas where there is a limited water resource this could be an immediate help in reducing disease linked to insufficient hand washing.”