How To Perform Wudu Using SPATAP Portable Prayer Tap

Why Is The SpaTap The Perfect Tap To Take On A Pilgrimage To Mecca?

  • SPATAP is low cost

  • Attaches to and converts any bottle into a water-saving tap

  • Is ethically made

  • SPATAP extends 1.5 litres of water into a 60 Handwashes with soap

  • SPATAP is a water saver and conserver

  • SPATAP is high quality and will last for millions of washes before and after the pilgrimage

  • SPATAP is made from UV Stable food and water grade materials

  • SPATAP can be hung for solo operation

  • SPATAP will satisfy all parts of the Wudu ablution ritual whilst saving water

  • SPATAP’s aim is to give access to water for every man woman and childĀ