Award Winning SpaTap Eco Camp Tap & Camp Shower System

Dispenses Water in 3 different ways

SpaTap The Original, Award Winning, Eco Camp Tap and Shower

Use SpaTap For Water Saving & Hygiene
Fits To Any Bottle & Used For Recreation & the Developing World


Aussie Designed and Made Spatap camp handwashing shower




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Weighing only 70 grams SpaTap can compress down to only 5 cm

Never be Without a Wash Again

SpaTap – The World’s Tap


Only $24.95 + Postage Anywhere In Australia


SpaTap SpaTap is Designed And Built to withstand the harshest Australian Outback conditions & Comes With A Lifetime Guarantee.

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Camping, Emergencies, First Aid, Sport, Garden, 4WD, Corp Merch, Child Cleaning


Sleek, Intuitive, Ergonomic, Pocket Sized, Indestructible, Child Friendly, Strong


Water Saving, Bottle upcycling, Fully Recyclable, Solar Hot Wash

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handwashing water saving eco friendly bottle camp shower

SpaTap Is A Pocket Sized Camp shower/Tap and Handwashing Device That Can Attach To Any Bottle And Transform It Into A “Go Anywhere” Tap for a Mobile wash

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SpaTap outdoor eco tap and camp shower system

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SpaTap Eco Friendly Camp shower bottle shower

SpaTap is a pocket sized, Eco friendly, energy efficient “one size fits all” silicone fitting for any type of bottle; transferring it into a flow controllable camp shower or camp tap.

Requiring no power source, this simple device utilises:

1) gravity;
2) Viktor Schauberger’s inspired, visionary “Amphora Egg” technology to provide continually efficient water spray with only a modest quantity of water as a source.
3) Adjustable Strap

By upcycling discarded plastic or glass bottles, SpaTap will, with a one litre bottle, deliver at least 25 effective hand washes per individual!

Additionally, the inverted bottle, hanging via its adjustable strap, becomes a “soap caddy”, due to the flatness of the bottle’s base. This permits easy access to soap bars, maintaining dryness and improved sanitation.

SpaTap works in two simple modes: shower or tap. These two settings can additionally (via the “pump” feature) be used to either raise the pressure of water delivery, depending on the user’s specific needs, or reduce flow to a bare trickle, say, to facilitate a hand wash.

SpaTap will deliver longevity, reliability and unparalleled versatility of service, thanks to its UV stable, lightweight, robust construction and molecular (silicone) “memory”.

A portable solar camp shower that fits in your pocket
SpaTap is an eco friendly outdoor camp shower that uses (up cycles) plastic bottles as a container to store the water.
The SpaTap outdoor camping shower is pocketsize and conveniently fits into your rucksack or camping equipment. The SpaTap solar shower design is strong and robust and can easily fit in your pocket or hang in a solar shower tent.
The portable shower camping accessory is useful in the portable toilet and mobile camp kitchen.
The SpaTap can be instantly and easily installed in a camping shower tent or simply hung from a tree branch.
Camping shower gas is not required as the Eco Friendly SpaTap uses the solar rays to heat the camping shower
Unlike the 12v camp shower, SpaTap uses no electricity, the sun can warm the water and transform into a solar camp shower.
Due to its ease and speed of installation the SpaTap is perfect in the camp kitchen with sink or a portable camp kitchen. Also the SpaTap is the perfect accompaniment to the camping toilet
The SpaTap is different from a solar shower bag in that its uses any plastic or glass bottle to dispense and heat the water. The SpaTap solar camp shower will not puncture and it is virtually indestructible unlike a solar water bag shower that is prone to breakages if dropped and heavy to install.
The SpaTap camp shower is very easily used and can be carried by children as opposed to the static and heavy nature of even the best solar shower bag. The SpaTap can be used for child cleaning instead of baby cleaning wipes and is a far more environmental friendly option.
Solar shower camping has never been simpler or lighter and SpaTap is also useful as a Surf Shower or Sports Shower.
Camp kitchen plans are complete with a SpaTap and solar shower reviews from children indicate that they love washing their hands, this is a great place to be for any parent.

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