SPATAP Portable Tap – All Prices in USD @ $20 each

Handwashng Prevents COVID-19

Portable Tap

The best portable handwashing device in the world

SPATAP Portable Tap

SPATAP is an ultralight, professional, silicone fitting that attaches to bottles or containers, transforming them into a flow controllable water saving portable tap or power shower depending on the bottle used. (Stretches over most sizes)

SPATAP has 2 distinct modes determined by the type of bottle attached:

1.🚰Flow controllable tap
2.🚿Power Shower

SPATAP dispenses water in 3 different flows rates:

🚰 Minimal water: 10mls +/- (1 touch)
🚰🚿Free flow water: 1.5Lts dispenses over 15 mins +/- (no touch)
🚰🚿Water burst 50ml+/- (1 touch)